About Sanket


I am Sanket. A guy.

Recent Blogger. Confessed cinephile. Proud metalhead.

I was born and brought up in Pune. Love the city love the people.

I love my parents and my kid brother Anuj. My brother hates me.

I like to crack stupid jokes. Usually I’m the only one who gets them.

I like reading. Fav authors are Archer, Grisham and King.

Fav book is Catch-22. Like my jokes not many people get it.

I love trekking/hiking/bushwalking. Totally love travelling. As a mission of life I plan to visit atleast 30 countries. Right now the count is 3.

I can (try to) play guitar. Been playing for a while. I can fool around with one for hours, but I cant play a single complete song. Want to buy an electric. Cant afford one right now. Its at the top of my wishlist.

Also I’m an accomplished wannabe photographer. I currently own a Cannon Powershot A550-like everyone else. I want to buy a DSLR. Also on my wishlist.

I managed to complete Chemical Engineering in 4 years. Thats the minimum time required. Worked in Bangalore. Worked for 18 months. Quit it ‘to pursue higher education’.

I love music. I usually listen to rock. But also love Indian classical. I love to hate pop.

I think Metallica is the best band ever. And James Hetfield the best singer.

Movies- Love them. Love cinema. IMDB is my homepage.

I want to learn a foreign language. French sounds interesting. N’est ce pas?



7 responses to “About Sanket

  1. Akshay

    I really shouldn’t be admitting this but i read your blog. (All the entries! Mind you!)
    Well I must say i’m very much impressed with your writing skills. They are pretty much curiosity-developing, witty and more importantly grammatically precise.
    Keep blogging, it has quite inspired me to start too!

  2. Richa

    dont know ow i landed up in ur blog, but somehow i did and i read(not all, but quite a lot of it).. liked it either!!
    witty one!

  3. I love to hate pop.
    We all love it too.

    And Catch-22 is one of my favorite satire.

    Thank you for adding my feeds in your blog. Cheer, mate.

  4. Karthikeyan S

    Hi Sankee..et,
    Read your blogs, i liked it. I remember once you told me (at regelia) that ” i (me) don’t know you completely, i have only seen the professional side of you”. I fully agree with you now. I think you are pretty good with words and the way you narrate the plot. I ‘m impressed. i was unaware of the talent hidden in you. Now i am planning to read some of your EDM’s.

    Karthikeyan S

  5. Jayashree Kanetkar

    Wow, Sanket! You are quite a chupa rustom! Your language skills are really good – inherited from mom dearest? And I like your sense of humour too. Great going!

    Jayu mavshi

  6. Manali Umranikar

    Hi Sanket,

    Good article. We were not aware of your excellent writing skills.

    Gajanan ajoba is very much impressed with your article and enjoyed it.


    Manali mami

  7. Umesh

    hi sanket
    keep writing – i like ” My brother hates me”- te pan tuch tharvanar

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