Children Of Boredom

[Reader discretion is advised. I don’t know why, but it just is.]

Not sure why I am writing this post. Another proxy for another month. Ok, that’s two sentences. Doing good, brother. And here comes another. And another.

For the lack of ideas I sure came up with many. Irony is a bitch,and I am her nephew. I tried to write film reviews on – LSD, A Serious Man, Garden State, District 9 etc etc etc. But inertia got the best of me. She (inertia) keeps beating me every time, everyday in everything I try to do nowadays. It’s a disorder I have after I get up every morning. Her son Boredom has been hanging out with me lately. And he lives up to his name. Our hanging out is mostly me spending time on our drawing room furniture. In the mornings I just sit and stare around. Then things get interesting. I move into the other rooms. I then spend some time on our balcony till the sun makes my skin too hot to be comfortable (summer’s here!). Our conversations are mostly filled with my half hourly sighs and punctuated with me flourishing expletives at the TV set for not entertaining me enough.

My other ideas included another lame ass impromptu poem; an installment in the Close Conversations series; a book review on The Shining etc etc etc.

Ok lets see, what else. Oh yes Facebook! It’s the worst. I don’t know how but I just keep going back to it. Its like everytime I open it, my subconscious half expects to find something ridiculously shocking like a video of Alka Yagnik and Udit Narayan making out (I know eeew, but every single person would watch it, trust me). When I read all those seemingly useless updates I know that Boredom has other friends too! It brings peace to my heart. But it is short lived. Just like the updates.

I also planned to post another short fiction. But looking at the rather severe private thrashing I got for the last two, I couldn’t risk a public humiliation. I wouldn’t want to disappoint my ever so elusive first-time reader. Also watching an HBO show called Bored To Death. The protagonist is a writer who is bored and so accidentally takes up a job of a private eye. Its hilarious.

Moving on. Oh yes. I’m gonna love this. A battery of abuse for the movie called 3 Idiots. (I know its 4 months too late.) I have absolutely no idea how a movie so idiotic (and aptly named I might add) could become a ‘masterpiece’. It is just wrong. Amir Khan disappointed me yet again. The book is a million times better. All through the movie Amir looked like a 40 year old rabbit pretending to be an 18 year rabbit caught in the headlights of a speeding truck. For an engineering college there is no engineering in the movie- apart from the stupid helicopter. Same old motor starting jokes. Spoon feeding the masses with the same recycled crap of follow-your-dreams template. Rocket Singh was so much better. A gem of a movie lost in this idiotic mania (obvious pun intended).

Alright, wrapping it up. So, to summarize- I am bored. I can’t get a life, so save the effort of saying it.

[Special thanks to Alok. You rock my world.]







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6 responses to “Children Of Boredom

  1. Nihar Tople

    Khoob jamega rang jab mil baithenge 3 yaar. Aap, main aur boredom

  2. YuBi

    Amen ! So bored, it hurts 🙂
    The line on 40 yr old rabbit.. releived my boedom for 5 secs and for that I’m thankful!

    Keep up the good work !

  3. Almost a month late on reading and commenting. So I would add one more to the facebook list. bloghopping and reading posts.

  4. Priyanka

    Wow..that’s so well written! Bhaari re…

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