A man walks into an eatery with a bag. He takes a seat and orders something. A helpful waiter brings the food and the man eats it (?). After spending sometime the man walks out minus the bag. The waiter notices and lifts the bag (?). The bag is a bomb. It explodes and kills 11 people. Is it so simple?

May be I noticed the obvious ease in this act of terror because it was done in my hometown. But fuck man! Is it really so simple?

Result of the act: 11 dead; temporary panic; lesser known babus at press releases; opposition party strikes gold; so does a bollywood film.

Blame the politicians. Blame the police. Blame the media. Blame public ignorance?

Yes. It is simple.


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One response to “Simple?

  1. Sad.
    Very sad.

    We are making no progress as a country. The fundamentalists are caught in their civil wars. The religious bigots are making more bombs.
    I’m fuckin’ tired.

    We are making no progress at all.

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