Love thy Neighbour?……Still?

                                                                                                            4th March, 2009

Dear God,

I am a boy studying in the fourth standard in New Dawn High school. I am writing this letter to You in order to complain what Pittu did to Sonu yesterday. Sonu is a little girl who lives in our building and Pittu is my next-door neighbour. Yesterday Pittu invited sweet little Sonu to his home to play and made her cry. He also hit her.

Pittu and I study in the same class. He is a very bad boy. He is not good in studies, sports and also has no friends in school. He teases everybody, makes faces at everybody and always fights with me. He calls me bad names. He steals from Khanna Uncles garden. But still his parents don’t scold him. He is like that only.

My father had told me that he and Pittu’s father had had a fight when I was small. His father wants our parking space even if they don’t have a car. I had asked Pittu about this, but he called me bad names. Why is he like this?

Also three months ago when I and my family were out for dinner, Pittu had come to my backyard garden and destroyed so many plants. He tore down all the branches. He also uprooted the Mango Tree that my grandpa had planted when I was born. I had cried that day. I have cried so many times after that night. I don’t like to cry because I am a boy. But I don’t want to fight him. Every time I fight with him my grades drop. My mother scolds me. But I hate him.

Every year for Christmas, Santa Claus gives so many gifts like toys, chocolates and clothes. All I get is the same Dairy Milk chocolate. Sometimes I wish bad things should happen to him. He should get really hurt. After what he did to poor Sonu, he should be in a hospital for a month. And fail in all subjects. I don’t want to wish all those things. But I do. Does that make me a bad person?

Please help me. I pray to you everyday without fail. Or my mother scolds me.

Yours faithfully,



P.S: Please don’t let Pittu ruin my birthday this August.


(Hint:Pittu=Pakistan, Sonu=Srilanka,Santa Claus= US, Bharath=?)

(On 3rd March 2009, something happened. This is related to it.)



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8 responses to “Love thy Neighbour?……Still?

  1. ojas

    I have one question …..
    is the Pittu abuses sonu?
    If yes….then Pittu is really bad guy….
    If no…..then Pittu is Sanket….

  2. i dint get it 😦

    N we seem to be getting prolific with the blogging.. Escape from the wordlists?? 🙂

  3. sanketuk

    @ all
    pittu is pakistan.
    sonu is srilanka 😛
    sorry for being vague!

  4. er..
    sorry i didnt get the jist that u meant pak n sl… 😦
    so i guess bharath is india..??

  5. dear bharath,

    I think pittu cannot control his behaviour even if he wants to-or else why wud he hurt sonu when he knows santa n bharat are watching.

    Either you can play the ‘holier than thou’ game n get some more of its ‘trees uprooted’ or u can fight him and beat him OR u can help him. First option is stupid, second is hard n costly. That leaves you only opt 3- like it or not. Co-op with santa in improving bittu or else keep gettin fkd

  6. sanketuk

    Opt 3 sounds convincing :P….

    But we could also make Santa see clearly again and rehabilitate the alcoholic and abusive Tabilan bhai in the building. After that we can proceed to our research on making pigs hand-glide 😀

  7. Sumedh

    Why the fuck is Santa the good guy here?

  8. sanketuk

    Who says he’s a good guy ?

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